Ombre Powdered brows technique is a semi permanent tattoo that gives a soft shaded and fuller appearance similar to the appearance of makeup. The shading techniqe is versatile  creating a shape that compliments your face. 

If the following applies to you, permanent makeup should NOT be considered!

  • Pregnancy

  • Breastfeeding

  • Diabetic

  • Acne, moles or birthmarks on brow area

  • History of Keloids or scarring

  • Sunburned skin

  • Blood thinning medication within two months prior to service

  • Botox or Disport treatment 

  • Serious diseases such as Cancer, Epilepsy, Autoimmune Disorders

  • Circulatory disorders

  • Sick (cold,  flu, etc.)

  • If there are symptoms of skin disease or irritation in brow area

  • After waxing(must wait 3 days) 

  • After chemical peels( must wait 30 days)

Before we meet...

  • Please arrive with a clean face

  • NO waxing, threading, or plucking within 3 days of scheduled appointment

  • NO  alcohol within 24 hours of scheduled appointment

  • NO aspirin with 24 hours of scheduled appointment  

  • NO Acutane for 6 months before scheduled appointment

  • NO Retin-A or Taxanac for at least 2-3 weeks before appointment

How often will I need to return for a touch-up?


In order to achieve the desired results, you will need to schedule a touch up appointment 6-10 weeks after the initial appointment. Brows must be fully healed before first touch up.


Ombre brows can last 2-3 years, however, yearly touch ups may be necessary for some. The period in between touch ups will depend on how pigments affect your skin type and daily lifestyle. Prices may increase on faded brows.

What to expect after your appointment?

Day 1

You may experience redness and swelling in the application area which typically resolves soon after treatment .

Day 2-3

Brows may appear darker in color and begin to scab. Don't panic!  Continue to apply the aftercare ointment.

Day 4-8

Scabbing and flaking over will continue during this period. DO NOT pick at scabs. It is very important that you allow the skin to go through the necessary healing process. You do not want to lift any of the pigment! 

Day 9+

The scabbing should be completely clear. Pigment may appear to be faint as if your brows are completely gone. Don't worry-they are still there! Trust the healing process!

Day 30+

Your brows should appear 30% lighter, and with a soft powdery finish. Please be advised that these are semi-permanent brows and will gradually fade. Your lifestyle, skin type determines the longevity of the brows. Avoid direct sun exposure, place sunscreen daily and enjoy your new brows!