"Ambition has no curfew! Find what you are passionate about and let the beauty of what you love be what you do."


Ashley Adjei is the ambitious creator behind Eleventh Hour Lash Lounge. Ashley is a Licensed Eyelash Technician by the state of Texas and specializes in the art of beautiful semi permanent eyelash extension application. She has been trained in both Classic lash application as well as advanced training in the application of Volume lash extensions.  Eleventh Hour Lash Lounge is known for beautiful lash work, great client experience, and educating every client on proper application and aftercare of lash extensions. 


Ashley offers extensive training workshops to those who are interested in taking a leap into the lash extension industry. She is constantly learning and growing in her skill and has also completed advanced Microblading training which is now available at Eleventh Hour Lash Lounge. 


Our mission is to offer clients everything they need to look and feel their best through all of the latest beauty trends. We hope to meet you soon and provide each of you with the ultimate Eleventh Hour Lash experience!

Eleventh Hour The Brand

Everyone has a unique story behind their brand, mine just happens to include numbers! I was working full time in corporate America and part time as a lash technician working long hours into the night trying to get my business off the ground. For months, every time I would look at the clock it would read something with the number "11" in it. 4:11, 8:11, 11:11. No matter what time of day it was, I was always seeing the number "11". Of course I went to Google to see what that meant and got nothing, lol. Then I finally had my "aha" moment and it dawned on me that I was literally working until the "eleventh hour" trying to build a business! Not only did I manage to create a business but I was able to create a lifestyle brand.  "Ambition has no curfew." Never stop working on the things you love and the goals that you have set. We all have the same 24 hours in a day; make it count!